Case Studies on Intellectual Property (IP Advantage)

The case studies in the IP Advantage database offer insights into how IP works in the real world, and how its successful exploitation can contribute to development.

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(Image: Eyedeus)

Starting up in Pakistan

An application for camera smartphones that brings the photographer into the picture allowed Eyedeus Labs to compete with tech giants.

(Photo: Flickr/Richard Thomas)

Seeds of innovation

Innovating new plant varieties suited to local environmental conditions propelled Agroselect Semences to a leading market position.

(Photo: Panama Blue)

A design as clear as water

Untapped resources and innovative industrial designs helped Panama Springs become one of Central America’s most popular bottled water companies.

(Photo: Guanomad)

Bats, birds & rural business

Using readily available natural fertilizer and the Madrid system, Guanomad’s environmentally friendly products have provided jobs and increased food security.

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